Silky teabags- Tea from the Manor

Silky tea bags of loose leaf tea from Tea from the Manor. Tea from the Manor are a lovely small tea company based in Manchester.

We currently have the following flavours; English breakfast, Red Berries, Peppermint and Earl Grey silky tea bags.

Red berries– A delightful fruit blend, consisting of hibiscus, rosehip, apple pieces and orange peel. You can enjoy this tea traditionally warm or even enjoy as an iced tea, cooled with added berries for an even bigger fruit kick.  This is a popular tea throughout the year as it is as delicious served hot as it is cold. Ingredients; Hibiscus, apple pieces, rosehip shells, citrus peel, raspberry pieces 

English Breakfast-  A classical blend of Ceylon and Assam tea, infused to perfection. Full bodied with a coppery coloured brightness. English breakfast tea is a black tea blend, loved for its full-bodied, rich flavour.  Usually served with with milk and sugar and well loved for being served with a traditional English Breakfast. Perfection in a cup. 

Earl Grey– One of our most popular teas, our Earl Grey black tea is an elegant blend of the finest, rich black tea leaves scented with a delicate citrus bergamot twist.
Peppermint– Famous for its refreshing virtues and with a delicate, natural mint scent. The hot infusion is believed to help aid digestion, soothe a sore throat, making peppermint tea a smart choice when you have a cold or flu.


Quantity- 15 silky tea bags. Store in a cool dry place. Add a twist of lemon or a dash milk to flavour.

It’s the perfect add on gift if you are posting one of our chocolate boxes to a loved one.


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